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LAKSHMI NARAYANA VIDYANIKETHAN, the school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi has been providing the supreme standards of education right since its inception in 1994, along with equal significance laid on the development of the wholesome personality of the student. The emphasis has been to develop the intellectual, physical, aesthetic, mental and moral aspects inherent in the child, together with developing the qualities of leadership. The ambience of the school is so serene and refine, that it is in this ambience of restfulness and tranquility that we teach the students to enquire, experiment and discover.

The school imparts quality education targeted at fostering all round development in students. Be it in the field of academics, sports, culture or information technology our students have achieved excellence in all of them. The school offers a wide array of extra curricular activities that the child can freely choose from suiting his needs and abilities. Children are encouraged to participate extensively in Inter school competitions which will help to serve as a parameter to assess their skills and talents. Moreover, a fine spirit of healthy competitions is inculcated in the students through the inter house competition, both academic and non-academic.


To develop a sense of values which will enable one to make right decisions and choose the right path in life.

Spiritual and Moral values

1. Awareness of God and prayer.
2. Acceptance of oneself and others.
3. Honesty and truthfulness which entails courage to speak the truth and stand by one’s convictions.
4. Respect and tolerance for all religions.
5. Inner discipline.
6. Simplicity in attitude and demeanour.

Intellectual Values

1. A desire for knowledge.
2. The ability to reason and think independently.
3. Discovery and development of one’s talent and abilities.
4. Good study habits and skills of learning.

Social and Cultural Values

1. Consideration for others.
2. Respect for elders.
3. Politeness and courtesy.
4. Concern for the less fortunate.
5. Dignity of all types of work.
6. Patriotism.
7. Civic responsibility.
8. Knowledge and appreciation of our culture.
9. Healthy and creative competition with team spirit.

Physical Values

1. Health and personal hygiene.
2. Self-discipline and moderation.
3. Determination and perseverance to do one’s best.
4. Physical culture and gracefulness.

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